Real-Time REST Framework Feathers 4 Now Available

Feathers, a Framework for real-time applications and REST APIs, recently announced its Feathers 4 (Crow) release. The Feathers web-framework allows developers to create real-time applications and REST APIs with JavaScript or Typescript with Node.js, React Native and a browser. Feathers is backend and frontend agnostic.

Although Feathers' competition includes Rails, Sales, NestJS, other MVCs, Sinatra, Express, Hapi, or Koa; feathers differentiates itself through its use of services and workflows to separation application logic from access. Feathers believes this makes applications easier to understand and test.

Feathers approach allows for automation at the API, WebSocket, client and server sides. Adding new communication protocols like HTTP2 and GraphQL is also streamlined and supported by Feathers. On top of all of this, Feathers is lightweight and has limited API surface size and codebase.

Feathers 4 highlights include built-in Typescript definitions, framework-independent Authentication, and a new level of user-friendliness. A friendly new homepage and accessible Documentation provided through Vuepress make it easier for developers to access. Creating a brand new REST API can take a little as 15 minutes.

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