Really Simple Systems Debuts V4 of Their CRM API

Really Simple Systems, a cloud-based CRM provider, has announced the release of version 4 of their CRM API.Track this API The update comes at the request of the developer community and adds new features, while increasing security.

Improvements include the ability to control Authentication at the user level, allowing individuals to be logged separately, rather than being handled at a company level. The API has also been upgraded to support OAuth 2 authentication, and adds email notifications when a user reaches their API limit. The company has also made improvements to the way that error reporting is handled with the API. Documentation for the V4 has been made available, and includes a quick start guide. 

Alongside this announcement, the company also announced integrations with and Microsoft 365. The Zapier Integration has been in beta for over a month, while the Microsoft integration is still forthcoming. 

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