Realm Launches Version 1.0 Featuring Updated API

Realm, a mobile database provider, has announced the launch of Realm version 1.0 featuring a number of capabilities including fine-grained notifications, support for Apple’s SWIFT language, and intuitive Java modeling. Realm version 1.0 also includes updates to the Realm API which is available via Realm mobile SDKs. Realm is now available for all major mobile programming languages which includes Xamarin, Swift, Java, Objective-C, JavaScript ( React Native), and .NET/C#.

Realm is a mobile database that can replace on-device technologies such as SQLite and Core Data (a Framework provided by Apple). The number of server-side database technologies has been increasing rapidly in recent years. However when it comes to mobile databases, there hasn’t been much change. SQLite is still the most commonly used option by developers for mobile databases. Realm uses a brand new storage architecture (not SQLite) and features native APIs for data storage and querying.

Newly released Realm version 1.0 features a number of improvements including fine-grained notifications that allow reactive applications to be developed with Realm, support for Apple’s Swift language, and improved Java object support for intuitive Java modeling. Realm version 1.0 also includes updates to the Realm API, a set of native APIs that allow developers to build reactive applications that leverage the mobile database capabilities of Realm.

Realm version 1.0 includes many improvements that are accessible via the Realm native API. Here are just some of the updates in Realm version 1.0:

  • Built-in Encryption (AES256) with minimal performance hit.
  • UI Adapters that make it easy to plug Realm into Maps Views, List Views, Grid Views, and others on Android and iOS.
  • Query Language has been greatly improved with support for partial string matches, relationship traversal, multi-field sorting, distinct matches, and more.
  • Asynchronous queries and write transactions, allowing people to offload data workloads to worker/background threads.
  • Introduction of Realm Configuration classes to serve the increasing amount of applications that have multiple Realms.

"Over a hundred thousand developers rely on the Realm native APIs for data storage and querying," said Alexander Stigsen, CEO of Realm. "The 1.0 release brings these features to the next level, opening the door for many more developers and companies to build on the Realm Platform."

"Realm was the simplest way to add persistence to our upcoming BuzzFeed Video app, and offered the best performance as well," said Shahruz Shaukat, former Mobile Product Lead at BuzzFeed, in the press release. "It took just a few minutes to learn, and the Realm APIs are very intuitive to build with. This allowed us to build many fully functional prototypes very quickly, and iterate much faster on our full app."

Tim Anglade, VP of Product at Realm, told ProgrammableWeb that the company is committed to maintaining a stable API that developers can use to build reactive mobile applications. Anglade also said that the company is excited about reaching the one billion user milestone; Realm now provides technology infrastructure to applications used by one billion people and businesses. A number of well-known companies are using Realm including Twitter, Starbucks, SAP, Amazon, Google, Walmart, and more.

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