Mobile Database Adds Professional Edition Service Tier

Realm, a mobile-first application development startup, recently announced the release of a new service tier. The Professional Edition aims to bridge the gap between the free developer-edition and the enterprise edition. While users who choose the Developer Edition benefit from features like real-time automatic data-sync using live objects, the Professional Edition adds advanced features such as event-handling and server-side access.

The Professional Edition tier was released to cater to the demands of mid-sized teams that have outgrown the Developer tier, without the cost and overhead of the Enterprise Edition. This mid-tier level offers a more incremental cost, and an easier migration from the free-tier. In an interview with ProgrammableWeb a representative of the company stated that, "The launch of the Professional Edition establishes a pattern we plan to follow for a very long time: continually moving Realm features and functionality downstream, and inventing new pricing and packaging to allow greater access to more developers."

With the inclusion of the Professional Edition, developers and startups now have a scalable path that allows their Realm implementation to scale alongside them, from the free edition upwards. The Professional Edition starts at $1500 per month, and the Enterprise Edition is custom priced based on use case.

Realm is offering a 60-day free trial for teams to evaluate the Professional Edition.

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