Reasons For Not Adopting WebRTC Debunked

The WebRTC API hosted by the W3C supports browser-to browser applications with video chat, voice calling, and file sharing without plugins. Public conception is that the VoIP service is fundamentally flawed. However, Tsahi Levent-Levi at thinks otherwise. Tsahi, a WebRTC API evangelist, challenges negative outlooks by debasing the top five misconceptions of WebRTC.

It turns out that it does work with iOS, as there are plenty of web apps integrating WebRTC currently. It's compatibility with Internet Explorer has been in question, but the fact for both points is that WebRTC's video quality and reliability trumps Flash. With two browsers supporting it and hundreds of vendors using it, one can see that the standardization is in place. If developers can find ways around H.264 & G.722 transcoding issues and building multipoint as an infrastructure, WebRTC is the most reliable voice and video solution for web use that is available, and should be embraced.

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Top 5 Excuses for NOT Adopting WebRTC (and Why They Make no Sense)