Rebel Launches Lite Version of Email Marketing API

Rebel, email marketing solution provider, announced a new version of its Rebel API: the Rebel Lite API. The Rebel Lite API is low cost and allows developers to build complete emails through sending JSON. The response from Rebel is fully responsive emails that operate seamlessly across email clients.

"As specialists in email code we constantly monitor the changes in email client rendering, and we're in the trenches researching, testing and improving our code to keep it cutting edge, lightweight and accessible," the company stated in a product announcement. "So everytime you build using our new Lite API, you will receive the most up to date code available. No code maintenance is needed by your team, we take care of all of it."

Rebel lists four hallmark features of the Lite API:

  • Responsive: responsive across all major email clients, including mobile versions
  • Evergreen: Rebel code is always up to date with the latest updates to email clients
  • Accessible: built for accessibility by individuals with visual or other disabilities
  • Reusable: developers can build components and reuse across templates

The API is designed around components (i.e. individual parts of an email). Rebel components are divided into four sections (type, body, style, and components). Type components include Container, columns, column, cta, custom-html, image, line, list, navigation, section, and text. The body is the content of the component. Check out an entire list of styles here.

For more information, check out the API docs. The Lite API starts at $99 per month, and supports static components, export as HTML, and email support. If you don't need interactive mails, as provided through the Rebel Actionable API, the Lite API could be a good fit.

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