Rebelmail Publicly Launches Interactive Email API

Rebelmail, an interactive email solution provider, has publicly launched the Rebelmail API. Through the API, third party apps can send interactive emails without leaving the app. An interactive email allows recipients to take actions (e.g. view a slideshow, see more images, take a quiz, etc.) directly within an email instead of leaving the email to interact with a website.

Rebelmail describes itself as "an API first company." Through the API, Rebelmail has built a growing list of ESP Integration partners (e.g. Mailjet, SailThru, Mandrill, SendGrid, ExactTarget, etc.). Rebelmail works with many major email clients (iOS Mail, Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo, Android, etc.). For unsupported email clients, the Rebelmail emails are designed to degrade gracefully to more limited versions. For more details on support, read about client support.

The Rebelmail API includes a number of endpoints that developers can use to both build and send emails. Further, the API allows users to track each action a recipient takes when interacting with the email. Unlike other email tools, the API allows for new metrics to measure that empower users with more data to guide future decisions. For more details, check out the API docs.

In its blog post announcement, Rebelmail lays out its goal:

"Email is a key part of how any Platform communicates with its users. We believe that there is a future where every email is immediately actionable for an end user from inside their client of choice. We want to make it as simple as possible for our customers to take full advantage of the latest changes in one of the world's oldest communication platforms."

To get started with the Rebelmail API, get in touch with the team.

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