Publicly Launches API and Aims to Mobilize Image Recognition recently announced that its image recognition API service has publicly launched.  Until now, the API remained accessible on an invite only basis. hopes to tap into the quickly growing image recognition market and target mobile shopping apps and advertising campaigns. The platform recognizes real-world objects and redirects customers to take action after the customer takes a photo of the object with a smartphone.

The image recognition market has experienced immense growth in the recent past, and predicts that image recognition applications with exceed $4 billion in 2013. Before the public launch, the API produced some intriguing mobile apps that are beginning to make waves across the mobile community. From the music to medicine, check out applications built with the API.

The API uses REST protocol and a JSON data format. Users create an account and upload 20 million photos at a time to servers. The underlying algorithm can parse the images in less than a second and a developer can be up and running with the API in a few minutes.'s ultimate goal remains to mobilize image recognition and help businesses engage with their customers on the go. The API should allow developers to capitalize on the multi-billion opportunity before the image recognition industry without acquiring new developer skill sets. Those interested can register for an account at the homepage.

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