Recurly API v2.5 Includes New Subscription Billing Endpoints and Attributes

Recurly announced version 2.5 of its Recurly API. The latest release includes new endpoints, request attributes, and response attributes. The new additions enhance the subscription billing service with developer access to features surrounding balance collection, invoice adjustments, gift identification, information updates, coupon responses, new invoice elements, account data, and more.

Version 2.5 adds two new endpoints: collect and adjustments. The collect Endpoint allows users to collect on past-due or pending invoices. The adjustments endpoint returns a list of adjustments made to a specific invoice.

On the request side, Recurly added two new objects: product code and currency. The product code object allows developers to include a product code when adjusting a transaction. The product code is helpful for logging a sale. The currency object is helpful for accounts that transact in multiple currencies and the need to report on a single currency arises.

On the response side, the company added four new objects. The started with gift element indicates that a subscription started through a gift. The converted object indicates when the subscription was converted. The updated object lets a user determine when account billing information was last updated. Finally, coupon ids were created for easier indexing and reference.

Finally, invoices, transactions, and accounts all include a number of new elements that give users broader ability to retrieve and sort data associated with such objects. Examples of such elements include gateway that handled a transaction, origin of a transaction, transaction description, additional information on a transaction, invoice subtotals, timestamps for collection attempts, and a number of subscription statuses per account. For more information, check out the release notes.

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