RED ALERT Ensures Rapid Response

In the case of emergencies such as serious accidents, bomb scares, severe weather conditions, equipment failure or fires and floods, it would be good to know that there's an accurate notification system to keep you informed and ready to React if necessary. AMTELCO’s RED ALERT API is an emergency notification system that is designed to save time, reduce errors and speed up overall response times.

The system enables the user to send mass notifications via phone, SMS, pager and email. It's ideal for sending notifications for things like college emergencies, commercial business situations, government emergencies, healthcare alerts and military recalls. RED ALERT can also be used for non-emergency situations; things like events, where users can send reminders on a daily, weekly, monthly or one-off basis.

The system provides real-time monitoring where the user is constantly informed of the current alert status, allowing them to see who has been contacted and who has confirmed receiving the alert. In addition, there is a reporting system that records successful and unsuccessful contact attempts, updating the database accordingly.

The RED ALERT API is a SOAP web services API, and developers can use this to programmatically access RED ALERT functions. Public Documentation is not available.

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