Red Hat Announces Availability of Red Hat Fuse 7 and Fuse Online

Red Hat, a provider of open source and enterprise IT software solutions, has announced the availability of Red Hat Fuse 7, the latest release of the company's distributed, cloud-native Integration solution. The company has also introduced Fuse Online, a new low-code integration Platform that is fully hosted.

Red Hat Fuse is an integration platform that connects enterprise assets. Developers can use the platform to build APIs, and connect APIs, data, cloud apps, and on-premises apps. The platform uses Apache Camel to provide standard connectivity to external applications.

With the addition of 50 new connectors (Camel components), Red Hat Fuse 7 now includes more than 200 pre-built connectors that allow users to integrate applications and services. Among the many connectors available are FTP, HTTP/HTTP4, file, MQTT, JDBC, and SQL.

The release also includes a new graphical interface that is browser-based and features low-code drag-and-drop capabilities. According to the press release, Red Hat Fuse can be integrated with Red Hat's OpenShift Container platform which natively supports container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.

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