Red Hat Introduces Containerized Version of 3scale API Management

Red Hat, a provider of open source and enterprise IT software solutions, has introduced a containerized offering of the self-hosted version of the 3scale API Management platform. Companies can use Red Hat 3scale API Management to centralize and control distribution, security, monetization, analytics, and other aspects of the API lifecycle. This is the first major release of the solution since Red Hat acquired 3scale back in June 2016. The introduction of the self-hosted offering means that any 3scale components can be placed in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid of the two (cloud and on-premises).

In June 2016, Red Hat signed an agreement to acquire 3scale. Prior to that, Red Hat began partnering with 3scale in 2015 to deliver a solution that combined the 3scale platform with Red Hat technologies.

We reached out to Steven Willmott, senior director and head of API Infrastructure, Red Hat who provided ProgrammableWeb some insight into the new "fully containerized" offering. Willmott explained that "fully containerized" means that "all system components were transformed into systems that could run within a container including API processing, analytics, storage, etc. and can be spun up in a set of containers. Customers can then scale each element by launching more container instances of what they need."

Willmott told ProgrammableWeb that Docker and Kubernetes are the base technologies used, and these technologies are used through Red Hat OpenShift, an open source and commercial product framework that manages Docker and Kubernetes containers. Willmott said that the solution could be run on vanilla Docker and Kubernetes, but the recommended way to run the product is using Red Hat OpenShift. "In its productized form, Red Hat 3scale API Management On-Premises comes configured to run on OpenShift, so OpenShift is needed to run the system out of the box," said Willmott. "However, the OpenShift licenses to run the system are included free of charge with the subscription [to the solution]."

The company expects that 3scale API Management products will also be fully open sourced later in the year.

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