Red Hat Introduces OpenShift 4.5

Red Hat has introduced OpenShift 4.5. It incorporates Kubernetes 1.18 and has a particular focus on stability within high scale operations. As expected, the new release includes a number of quality improvements and many new features.
New Node-based features include a new descheduler, node pull secrets, and a vertical pod autoscaler. The descheduler (available as a technology preview) allows developers to configure the RemovePodsHavingTooManyRestarts strategy. The node pull allows users to import and use images from any registry configured during or after the cluster installation. The vertical pod autoscaler reviews historic and current CPU and memory resources for containers in Pods and allows for requests based on such usage.  
The Web Console includes new infrastructure features. Users can now filter operators by infrastructure features. This is done in the OperatorsHub. From a networking perspective, users can now migrate to the OVN-Kubernetes default Container network interface network provider.
Finally, developers can use the oc new-app command. It produces deployment resources instead of DeploymentConfig resources. Developers who prefer DeploymentConfig may still use it. To learn more about all changes, visit the blog post announcement.

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