Redbooth Launches First-Ever Public API and New Portal for Developers

Redbooth, a leading collaboration and communication Platform provider, has just announced the launch of the company's first public API along with a new self-service Portal for developers. The brand new Redbooth API makes it possible for developers to create innovative web, mobile, and desktop applications driven by the Redbooth platform as well as integrate Redbooth features and functionality into existing systems.

Screenshot of the Redbooth Admin Dashboard

In January of this year, Teambox became Redbooth announcing the rebranding of the business and launching a completely new version of the company's enterprise-class collaboration platform. The new Redbooth platform is designed to be scalable with collaboration, communication, and project management features specifically beneficial for enterprises and SMBs. Redbooth CEO Dan Schoenbaum states in the press release that:

"Teambox was a name that got us where we are today, and we're very proud of it, but it's time to leave behind our team-oriented roots and embrace what the name Redbooth embodies ó a scalable collaboration solution that fosters communication and productivity across large teams, global organizations and great distances."

Advanced features added to the platform include improved complex project management capabilities, fully-integrated chat environment (includes presence awareness, real-time HD video conferencing, screensharing and group chat), increased capacity for 100 HD video conference participants, executive dashboard and reporting capabilities, and much more.

The platform also provides users the ability to enable web services integrations from a variety of technology companies such as Google, Box, Dropbox, Barracuda, Evernote, GitHub, Zapier, and more. Capitalizing on the success of these productivity-boosting integrations, Redbooth has launched a brand new public API allowing companies to utilize the platform in ways that are best suited and specific to their business needs. Dan Schoenbaum told ProgrammableWeb that:

"Our strategy is to provide the broadest set of collaboration and communication capabilities, but we realize that our customers have often invested in technologies such as Evernote or SharePoint. Opening up our API allows companies to unlock the value in these other investments, while still leveraging Redbooth as the best-of-breed collaboration platform."

The Redbooth API is RESTful, supports OAuth 2.0, and code snippets are available in PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, and Objective-C. The API also allows Redbooth users to import, export, and manipulate their data in unlimited ways. API endpoints include (but not limited to) conversations, events, notes, notifications, people, projects, tasks, subtasks, users, and more. Jordi Romero, VP of business development and platform, states in the press release that:

"Redbooth's API follows all the standards of REST HTTP APIs, delivering endpoints to manage tasks, conversations, projects, users, etc. There are now no limits on ways to enter data into Redbooth, visualize it in custom reports, or sync it with other services."

Coinciding with the release of the new Redbooth public API, the company has launched a self-service portal for developers that features an API console, code snippets, an API status dashboard, and other developer resources. During the development of the API, customers with early access used the Developer Portal resources to integrate legacy SharePoint environments with Redbooth, build iOS apps that relay project status information, and build other types of applications and integrations. The API is particularly helpful for enterprises and SMBs in adding new and modern functionality to their legacy systems. Dan Schoenbaum told ProgrammableWeb that:

"We hear daily from large companies who have made big investments in SharePoint that they get little new functionality from Microsoft, and they now look to vendors such as Redbooth to add powerful collaboration capabilities such as task management, file sharing, chat, and HD meetings on top of these aging technologies. The API gives companies a clear Integration path, and highly complex workflows can be implemented and tied together end-to-end in just days."

The API is not only designed to be integrated with existing and legacy systems, but designed for long-term use and stability. The API can be accessed by Redbooth customers that use the cloud-based service as well as customers using the On-Premise version of Redbooth. Raj Sen Sharma, product manager, integrations and platform, told ProgrammableWeb that:

"The API is incredibly robust and stable. While it is only now being made available publicly, we ourselves are the biggest user of the API (via our mobile apps, for example) and it has been the backbone of integrations with technology companies such as Google, Box and a host of smaller companies for years."

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