Redox and Curative Partnership Demonstrates How APIs Allow Rapid Response to COVID-19

Redox, a provider of an interoperability Platform for healthcare data exchange, has recently teamed with FDA-authorized COVID-19 testing company Curative to send COVID-19 test results to various state public health departments. This partnership has seen projects launched in 24 states.

According to  Isaac Turner, CIO and co-founder, Curative, “Every state has its own unique, mandatory reporting requirements for COVID-19 testing. This can be challenging for an organization like ours, which is so focused on working as quickly as possible to scale up testing services nationwide.” The partnership allows Curative to use the Redox API to connect patient data to state officials for COVID-19 reporting, and contact tracing programs. The Redox API helps standardize healthcare data and its network allows healthcare organizations, payers and healthcare applications to securely share it. By leveraging it, Curative has been able to manage the various state requirements and distribute results quickly. Of the 24 states where projects have been launched, two states, Illinois and Delaware, are now fully live.

The COVID-19 pandemic has required a rapid response by private, public and governmental organizations. APIs are an enabler of this speed and in cases like Curative, can even help inform public health policies. As we’ve seen, change is inevitable, whether the disruption comes from a global health crisis or natural shifts in market conditions. Organizations that are poised to leverage APIs will be the ones positioned to best deal with this change.

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Redox, Curative Partner to Connect COVID-19 Test Results to Public Health Depts.