Reegle Tagging API Simplifies Search for Environmental Content

Reegle serves as a clean energy information Portal. Founded on the belief that up to date, quality information on renewables, energy efficiency and climate change is fundamental to reformed energy policy and an accelerated clean energy marketplace; Reegle specifically targets governments, project developers, businesses, financiers, NGOs, and academia with its offering. The Reegle tagging API automates the tagging process to simplify discovery and organization:

"The tagging API has been developed for automated tag extraction of clean energy and climate relevant resources...The API can then be directly integrated into the publishing environment, and documents can be quickly and reliably tagged."

Tagging exists to make large databases more "searchable." Unfortunately, the tagging process generally remains a time consuming and manual process. The environmental field remains strapped for resources, and adequately tagging documents and articles takes a back seat to more mission critical processes. This lack of organization stacks and makes it more time consuming for the next researcher or author to quickly summarize and find quality sources. Reegle, with a content database that includes more than 1100 sources simplifies and ensures ongoing tagging.

The tagging API uses REST protocol and returns calls in JSON, RDF, and XML protocols. The service can extract and recommend tags for documents in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. The API also allows developers to receive content suggestions from the content pool. Those interested should register for a key at the API site.

Tagging simplifies searching for data. However, the tagging process continues to grow in complexity and inconsistency as it persits as a manual task. The Reegle API aims to remove the manual labor associated with tagging in a vertical that has little resources at its disposable. If lack of knowledge stands as the final barrier to true environmental policy reform, services like Reegle could serve as a major breakthrough.

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