ReelSurfer API Gives Video Editing Capability to Any APP or Website

ReelSurfer has been capitalizing on our short attention spans when it comes to watching online videos. ReelSurfer is an application that lets anyone clip and share any video from any website. Users can then compile and organize clips into a larger "Reel." Earlier this week, ReelSurfer announced the beta ReelSurfer API that allows users to embed video clips into any website or app. Developers can now add applicable video clips to their apps and websites without the hassle of editing out video irrelevant to their content.

ReelSurfer users include a wide audience from friends sharing movie one-liners on Facebook, to startups pitching their products to potential investors on Kickstarter. ReelSurfer has also developed a strong investment base to help further its development. Launched out of Y Combinator, ReelSurfer is now backed by major venture capitalists as well as William Fay (executive producer of The Hangover, 300 and Independence Day).

The ReelSurfer API uses XML- RPC protocol. Once integrated, the API gives developers cross- Platform access to ReelSurfer functionality within apps and websites. Developers need to create an account at, email support for an API Key, and download an XML-RPC client in order to get started.

ReelSurfer aims to transform video consumers to video editors across the web video environment. With an API allowing access to ReelSurfer capabilities, ReelSurfer has added a new tool to developers' kit. Video is a powerful media that is becoming more and more important across web properties. The ReelSurfer API should allow easier access to video skill sets.

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