The ReferralCandy API: Tell Your Friends About It

ReferralCandy is an online marketing company that specializes in referral marketing. The company provides a plug-and-play Platform that makes referral marketing easier. notes that ReferralCandy modeled their structure after Dropbox’s two-sided incentive referral program. Dropbox’s program rewarded both the user that signed up through a referral link and the referrer with additional storage space. This tactic has proven successful for ReferralCandy who recently released their ReferralCandy API.

Whenever a customer makes a purchase from a company that uses ReferralCandy’s reward program an email is immediately sent to that customer giving them a link to a promotion. The customer can then send this promotion to friends or share it via facebook or twitter. If a friend follows that link and makes a purchase the original customer is given points that can be used towards several reward options.

The ReferralCandy API allows developers to integrate this reward program into existing e-stores. The API implements RESTful GET and POST calls. You can find full Documentation for this API here.

The ReferralCandy API is one of 349 reference APIs and 318 shopping APIs in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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