The Rejoiner API: Analytics, Marketing and Revenue

It is not uncommon for e-shoppers to create a cart on a website without the intention of making an immediate purchase. The motives behind abandoning a cart can vary; what matters is how companies take advantage of the information that can be gained with each cart that is left behind. Rejoiner is a company that helps online retailers capture, analyze and recover abandoned shopping carts. The company accomplishes this with their Rejoiner API.


According to the Rejoiner website:

“70% of shopping carts are abandoned before the submit button is hit. Start tracking abandonment inside your cart with two simple JavaScript snippets. Capture where customers are dropping off and the data they leave behind.”


One of the marketing tools that Rejoiner provides is 1:1 trigger emails that are sent in real time.

“Recapture lost sales with 1:1 trigger emails. Emails are delivered in real-time (never in batches), relative to when the abandoned cart occurred. Simply set your optimum delivery frequency and use a WYSIWYG editor to customize your email.”

Revenue featured a guest post by Ross Kramer that provided some insight into how big the problem of shopping cart abandonment is and how much revenue can be re-claimed by properly attacking the situation.

“Let’s say a company averages 300 abandoned sales per day, with an average value of $75. A 10% recovery of abandoned transactions would equate to a $2,250 increase in daily revenue.  Or a $67,500 increase every month.”

Could the Rejoiner API help your company convert abandoned sales into revenue?

The Rejoiner API is written in Javascript with plugins and Integration with other cart software available. This API is one of 379 shopping APIs listed in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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