Relay Medical Announces API for its Medication Management System

Relay Medical Corp., a Canadian provider of MedTech solutions, has announced a new API for the company’s Pharmatrac Medication Management System. The new API provides opportunities for greater Integration with Relay’s partners in the telemedicine and medication management markets.

The Pharmatrac Medication Management System provides hardware and software solutions that aim to streamline the consumer medication practitioner chain. Pharmatrac hopes to improve the medication management market by using smart hardware to monitor the medication consumption habits of users and then analyze this data via AI in order to generate useful insights. The new API for the system provides partners with the ability to query this data. The announcement of the API highlighted a core benefit to streamlined access to this data for patients/doctors:

“When connected to telemedicine solutions, doctors are automatically informed of how the patient has adhered to the protocol, so they can immediately diagnose an adherence problem and recommend solutions.  Patients will no longer need to collect their medication and discuss with the doctor one by one, the doctor will already have the information to provide data-driven care.”

The company noted that in light of the Coronavirus outbreak it is easy to anticipate an increase in reliance on telemedicine. As a result of this increase, an emergency bill was passed in the U.S. on March 4, 2020, that expands Medicare coverage of telemedicine for seniors. This new API could help improve medical care for at-risk patients that are unable to visit their doctors in person.

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