Reliable Statistics, Come Rain Or Shine: Weather Source API

A lot of the things we do and the decisions we make on a daily basis can be affected by the weather. For businesses, understanding weather patterns and how they affect things like attendance, foot traffic, viewership and sales, can have a definite impact on the bottom line. Weather Source is a service that provides extensive weather data and other solutions aimed at helping businesses improve business performance. Weather Source also provides the Weather Source API that allows this data to be integrated with other applications where needed. 20130513-150958.jpg 20130513-151119.jpg Weather Source is a comprehensive tool for accessing things like accurate historical weather data and reports, weather forecast data and astronomical reports, and the company works to create powerful products and services that are tailor made to meet specific business needs. Users can access interactive web page reports as well as downloadable spreadsheets and PDFs, with all reports being highly customisable with a variety of data options to choose from. This report data is then presented in clear graphs and tables. The Weather Source API provides an easy way for developers to integrate weather data into applications and websites, and developers can access this data by signing up for a free developers account. Features include simple Documentation, a RESTful interface, JSON and JSONP response formats, detailed error reporting, always on SSL connections, account management tools and an SDK for PHP. Further information is available on the Weather Source website.

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