Relink's Goodwin API Provides Access to Key Hiring Information for Specialized Job Roles

Relink, a recruitment technology startup based in Copenhagen, has launched the beta version of the Goodwin API, the API powering the Goodwin recruitment data service. Currently in beta, Goodwin is a free service provided by Relink that recruiters can use to search for and obtain hiring information and insights for specialized job roles. Goodwin provides job role data such as most important skills, previous positions, educational background, time spent in the position, and next position.

Screenshot of Goodwin results for "Full Stack Developer" - Goodwin returns key hiring information and insights including most important skills.

Relink is a startup that is building and providing a recruitment technology Platform for HR and recruitment software vendors. The Relink platform uses Machine Learning and recommendation algorithms to analyze job descriptions and profile data in order to provide recruiters a fast and intelligent recruitment experience.

One of the key features of the Relink platform is the Marlowe API which can be used to add automatic talent recommendation capabilities to human resources management (HRM), applicant tracking systems (ATS), and other recruitment software. Using the Marlowe API, recruitment software can allow recruiters to leverage intelligent matching of candidates to jobs, research candidates based on social and open Web data, and retrieve enriched candidate data. The Marlowe API uses machine learning to analyze massive volumes of data and millions of interactions in order to effectively match candidates to jobs.

ProgrammableWeb reached out to Relink CEO and co-founder Ståle Fredlund Husby who provided insight into the Relink platform and Goodwin. Husby told ProgrammableWeb that "our core product is our Marlowe API. Marlowe enables recruitment software vendors (ATS / HRM) to get automatic talent recommendation capabilities in their software. Just like Netflix recommending movies based on your preferences, Marlowe recommends people to jobs."

Husby went on to explain that "When a new job is posted in an ATS our recommendation engine provides possible candidates, giving recruiters leads to work with. When they get applications, we dig up relevant information about the applicants past employers, positions, and education. We assemble this information into a high-level, descriptive summary of their fit based on industry trends and transferability of skills. Our algorithm gets smarter when you React to the recommendations, providing you with better candidates all the time."

Screenshot of Goodwin results for "Full Stack Developer" - Goodwin returns key hiring information and insights including previous position, educational background, time in position, and next position.

The Goodwin recruitment data service and Goodwin API are, separate standalone products provided by Relink. Relink has released a beta version of the Goodwin API which can be used to enhance recruitment software (ATS / HRM) providing recruiters with detailed information and insights into specialized job roles. "Our new Goodwin API provides recruiters with a deeper context when scoping out people for very specific jobs, and helps them better line up an individual's job experience with what an employer requires," stated Husby for the press release. "It gives recruiters confidence when they find themselves recruiting for a position they don't really know."

Husby explained to ProgrammableWeb that "at the core of our technology lies a recommendation engine that matched people with jobs. As a process of building this machine learning recommender we have to identify trends and patterns related to jobs. This data is thus a "bi product" of the core technology we are building. We saw that it could have value for recruiters so we pushed out an API and an application at an internal hackathon earlier this year."

At the time of publication, the Goodwin platform and API return results limited primarily to Northern European data. However, as the Relink platform expands to US and Canadian markets, the company will start looking at trends from these markets as well. This in turn will also benefit the Goodwin platform.

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