Reloadly Releases its Mobile Top Up API for Developers to Access 4.5 Billion Mobile Phones

Today, Reloadly announces the official release of its mobile top up APITrack this API service that’s designed exclusively for developers. The API enables developers to add airtime and some other mobile operator services to their applications in the program language they already use with just few lines of code.

In the past, approaches to application Integration of this kind involved complex contracts; extensive infrastructure, server and hardware needs; coordinating interconnections via tech teams; and the need to review lengthy and outdated API documents. These days, cloud platforms are the new building blocks of innovation. Open source cloud platforms such as StripeTrack this API for payments, Twilio for messaging and calling or FactualTrack this API for location-based data are reshaping these huge markets, and providing individual developers and startups with the tools to develop applications quickly and inexpensively. Indeed, there are currently more than 20,000 public APIs, with new APIs emerging every single day. This fast-paced evolution has meant that product accessibility, connectivity and open source technology are now becoming the new norms to business success.

Though many markets have been revolutionized by this new approach to technological integration, the $1.4 trillion-a-year mobile communications market remains behind this forward-thinking movement. Indeed, mobile operators have so far been slow to open their APIs to developers and deploy digital products, with many still operating on legacy BSS infrastructure. This has led to a divide in this field between mobile network operators and potential innovators.

Reloadly’s direct-to-carrier, self-service business model connects your application to over 500 mobile operators in countries around the world, meaning developers and tech companies in this field can scale globally via this Platform and the features that come with it. Developers can access Reloadly’s API by clicking here.

The platform’s developer experience offers innovators the option to manage accounts, view reports, fund your wallet, access your API token, and many more features too. All these capabilities come with no contracts and a pay-as-you-grow business model to drive maximum flexibility and growth. The toolkit launches with one initial service, mobile airtime, but future mobile operator services will include mobile money, carrier billing, SMS and other capabilities.

To gain access to Reloadly’s transformative API platform for mobile top ups, and open a gateway to 500 mobile operators worldwide, access your very own free API key today.

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