Remote Potato Brings Your Media Files To You

Forget syncing. Imagine having twenty-four-seven access to all your media files while on the go, from anywhere you are - sounds great, right? From videos and recorded TV shows to music and pictures, Remote Potato offers users access to all of these, streamed directly from their homes. The Remote Potato API allows developers to build web based access points for user data.

FatAttitude's Remote Potato is a media service that brings media to the user, no matter where they are in the world. Stored media can be accessed via a normal web browser, and for iPhone and iPad, there's a nifty app to make things even easier. For Windows Media Center users it's especially convenient as it provides the functionality to stream any recorded show to any browser, schedule and manage recordings, all with full menu management and source controls - pretty much all the functionality available from directly inside Media Center, but from any remote location.

Remote Potato provides an API that allows developers to write their own multi-purpose apps that can access a server over the internet. The API uses REST calls and returns XML. More information and access to the API can be found on the Remote Potato website.

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