RentPaidOnline Releases Partner API Providing Expanded Rent Payment Options to Property Managers and Renters

RentPaidOnline, a division of EFX Financial Services, has just announced the release of the RentPaidOnline Partner API (PAPI) which will provide selected and certified partners the ability to integrate the RentPaidOnline Platform into applications and property management systems.

RentPaidOnline Website

The RentPaidOnline platform was launched in February 2013 and provides property managers the means to collect rent payments using E-check or ACH. Renters can use the platform to make rent payments with credit cards or as ACH transactions. A variety of methods are available for renters to make their rent payments via the RentPaidOnline platform including:

  • Using the website Portal at
  • Through a text message (via TextPay).
  • Using mobile applications (iPhone, Android, iPad, Android Tablet).
  • By smartphone (.Mobi site).
  • Using NetSwipe scanning technology (via Jumio).
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with 24/7 access.

Marc Barach, Jumio Chief Marketing Officer, is quoted in the EFX Financial Services and Jumio partnership announcement:

"Until recently, consumers had very few options when it came to paying their rent beyond putting a check into snail mail and hoping it made it to the other end on time. RentPaidOnline gives tenants the option to make payments on-the-go both online and via a streamlined mobile experience. With Netswipe, RentPaidOnline customers can now make a payment in a matter of seconds, helping to further ease the worry around making another late rent payment."

The RentPaidOnline Partner API offers certified and approved partner developers an efficient and flexible way of integrating the RentPaidOnline platform as well as access to a suite of mobile applications.

Steven Foster, Chief Business Development Officer and EVP RentPaidOnline, says in the press release that:

"Our mission is to be the best total solution provider to the rental industry. Our platform will provide many inherent advantages to Property Managers and Residents, such as a complete suite of mobile applications. We are excited about the additional capabilities our partners can bring to the market with our PAPI."

Potential partners interested in using the RentPaidOnline Partner API should contact Steven Foster at 855-769-7368 or by cell at 904-599-2794 for details.

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