"Repeatable Innovation" is in The Commons

Alcatel-Lucent (ProgrammableWeb's parent company) launched a new API consulting and professional services practice to help "customers transform their businesses to take advantage of a changing landscape where APIs have emerged as the language of the information economy," according to the press release. The practice is aimed at those providing network-based services and the "repeatable innovation" model is part of the Creative Commons.

The model is based on a three step methodology (Definition, Design and Deployment). The Definition stage develops business objectives based on a service provider's network assets, the competitive landscape, and perceived value by consumers/businesses. During the Design stage, Alcatel-Lucent resources help customers develop APIs that match business objectives. Finally, the Deployment stage includes Back-end Integration, testing, production, and focuses "on how services are deployed and then undergoing continuous analysis and improvement through to end-of-life."

Here's how TechCrunch sees it:

Alcatel Lucent is making the methodology available through Creative Commons as a way to create a rising tide of customers who then have the knowledge and confidence to invest in an API strategy

The service is free of charge and Alcatel-Lucent API staffing resources will assist customers through each stage of development. As ProgrammableWeb readers no doubt know, APIs have become extremely popular in driving business change. Those interested in the new initiative can find out more details at Applications Enablement.

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