Resfly: You're Hired

The Resfly API gives developers access to a integrating the ability to post jobs on many of the big job boards onto their Platform.  These range from Indeed (which apparently has eclipsed Monster) to Linkedin, from Craigslist to specialized ones in health care and other interests.

According to the website, "The API uses RESTful calls and returns responses in XML and JSON. Interactions with available API resources are made with the HTTP verbs GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE."

Example implementation libraries are available in PHP and .NET.

Resfly boasts 9 key features: the multiple posting, effective candidate screening, comprehensive analytics (see below), Embedded Resume viewer, intuitive interface, video interview (see above) easy collaboration, and Integration into your application tracking system (if you have one).

Writing on, Rakesh Sharma says,

Personally speaking, the “Add Notes” feature got me hooked. I can already envisage several possibilities for this simple button. For example, you can add information about specific personnel responsible for this job or details that are not for public display. The service sends email alerts for each resume received. I posted a job on my personal Portal and applied to it using the external portal. I received an email alert for my own resume (may I add, it was fantastic!) instantly. The alert included three links: one for candidate profile, another for job postings, and another one for the application.

Launched in October of 2011, Resfly is based in Mineapolis, and founded by Asim Baig.

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