Response Tap Launches API that Bridges Online and Offline Tracking

Response Tap, leader in voice-centric marketing technology, recently released the Response Tap API. The Response Tap API enables developers to include Response Tap's number provisioning, call features, and reporting features within third party apps. Response Tap's proprietary software allows companies to track a caller's actions on a website before, during, and after a call. Such tracking technology provides better understanding of marketing activities.

Founded in 2008, Response Tap originally specialized in call tracking services. In 2010, Response Tap launched its now flagship product that bridges call tracking and web analytics. Users now use Response Tap for both online and offline tracking which grants better insight to customer behavior and marketing success. The API strategy opens up such functionality to the developer community who can incorporate such functionality into existing or applications under development.

The API uses REST protocol and can return calls in either a JSON or XML data format. Response Tap has already launched some of its core management features via API including placeholders, single numbers, and websites. However, the company plans to expand API accessible features in the near future. For more information, visit the blog announcement and request a demo.

Although much of the commercial world has moved online, telecommunications remains heavily relied upon for commerce, customer service, and other business transactions. Bridging the online and offline worlds with a simple to implement API will open up an entire new world of capabilities for tracking and understanding customer behavior. Visit Response Tap today to learn more.

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