REST-enable an Oracle Database via DreamFactory API

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DreamFactory Software just made it a whole lot easier for Oracle application developers to develop and deploy advanced enterprise mobile applications that connect to Oracle databases. The new feature, which is now included in the DreamFactory open source REST API Platform, REST-enables Oracle databases and alleviates a major development headache for thousands of enterprises: mobilizing Oracle data quickly and securely, using standards-based technology.

DreamFactory now provides the only comprehensive, open source, auto-generated REST API for Oracle. For the first time, any Oracle-based enterprise can use DreamFactory to:

  1. Connect securely to Oracle 8i (and higher) and Oracle 10g (and higher) databases;
  2. Configure an Oracle database as a service in the DreamFactory admin console, and gain instant access to an auto-generated REST API;
  3. Easily build mobile apps that leverage Oracle data for every popular frontend mobile Framework, using DreamFactory's SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows, Titanium, AngularJS, and JavaScript.

"Our mission at DreamFactory is to bring agile development techniques to enterprise mobility, no matter which platform or development environment you have in mind. More than 30,000 individual developers and enterprise customers have downloaded the DreamFactory Services Platform since late last year, and we've received a lot of requests from developers for Oracle support," said Bill Appleton, president of DreamFactory Software. "Now these developers have a powerful REST services platform for building mobile apps that leverage Oracle data on the backend. We speed up software development, simplify backend Integration and testing when building mobile apps, and provide a robust backend security layer for controlling access to sensitive data stored in Oracle."

Enterprise mobility with open source flexibility and portability
DreamFactory recognizes that enterprises demand flexibility and portability from an MBaaS solution, and offers the industry's widest array of development and deployment options: on-premises server, IaaS or PaaS of choice. To get started, sign up for a free demo account at or download the DreamFactory open source package from here.

Connecting mobile apps to existing enterprise databases is incredibly fast and easy with DreamFactory. Oracle developers can use DreamFactory to add a REST API to any Oracle 8i or 10g database by configuring the database as a service in the DreamFactory admin console. Some of the features now offered include:

  • Master Credentials – the master credentials for a remote Oracle database are encrypted in DreamFactory.
  • Data Security – the permissions granted by the Oracle credentials you specify are honored by the REST API.
  • Lookup Keys – the REST API can inherit the same permissions on the remote database, based on user roles.
  • Record-Level Access – DreamFactory enables fine-grained control of records inside a given table.
  • Query Filters – the DreamFactory Oracle interface supports filter strings from REST API calls. Any number of logical operations can be performed in a query filter.
  • Related Objects – the REST API delivers an array of objects and related objects in a sub-array with a single API call.
  • Stored Procedures and Views – the REST API supports the ability to call Oracle stored procedures and SQL views.
  • Paging and Sorting – the REST API provides URL parameters to limit records returned and sort data before delivering the records to the client.
  • Continue or Rollback – the REST API provides parameters to continue processing an array of objects in spite of errors, or to rollback the entire operation if any error is encountered.
  • Schema Support –use the REST API to return information about what tables are available, as well as access rights for each table and field.
  • Schema Editor – DreamFactory provides an interactive schema editor for Oracle databases. Use the schema API to move schema between databases or dynamically set up tables.

Mobilize enterprise data in minutes with DreamFactory
The DreamFactory open source REST API platform can be installed on any server in the cloud or on premises, and instantly makes available a wide range of services that includes SQL Data and NoSQL Data, BLOB Storage, User Management, Application Hosting, and External Integration. When a backend asset is connected to the platform, DreamFactory automatically adds the appropriate services to the REST API palette, creates written Documentation for the service, provides an interactive interface for exploration, and delivers client SDKs for JavaScript, iOS, Android, and Windows 8.

To get started, simply go to to sign up for a free developer account or go here to install DreamFactory on the server or IaaS/PaaS platform of your choice. To learn more, read the DreamFactory blog post about today's Oracle announcement.

About DreamFactory Software
DreamFactory Software Inc. develops and markets technology that enables developers to connect modern mobile apps to enterprise backend infrastructure in the cloud. Enterprises, web development agencies, and independent developers use DreamFactory to build secure, modern mobile apps and deploy them on any cloud or data center. The company is based in Campbell, California and has a development center in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit, or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter @dfsoftwareinc.

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