Restaurant Ratings By Real Restaurant Goers: MenuMania API

For those who love good food and great dining, a good restaurant guide is key. What would be even better is if that guide could tell you where the restaurant is, what it has on offer and what everybody's saying about it. That's pretty much what MenuMania does; it's a customisable, community-based restaurant guide for discovering new places to eat within New Zealand. MenuMania also provides the MenuMania API, allowing developers to access the database of restaurant information for display on other websites and applications.


The best part about MenuMania is that it is community-based. Restaurant locations and menus are provided, but it's real people in the community who are writing the reviews. Anyone can add restaurants to the directory and anyone can write reviews, give opinions and make recommendations. Word of mouth is often the best way to get real and honest information about a place, and this application puts all that relevant information at the user's fingertips.

The MenuMania API allows access to the site's information in real time, providing restaurant information, restaurant ratings and recent review excerpts. The API is available at no cost and in two different forms - the MenuMania search API and the MenuMania phone API. For more information on how to access this data, developers can head to the MenuMania website.

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