Restlet and Partnership Enables Real-Time Data Streaming for RESTful APIs

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Restlet, creators of the most widely deployed Framework for building web APIs, and, a technology company improving the User Experience with real-time data, today announced a partnership to bring incremental data push capabilities to RESTful APIs managed with Restlet’s APISpark Platform as a Service for APIs (apiPaaS).

To help both web/mobile app developers and enterprise development groups to quickly publish their data as real-time streams and RESTful APIs, the companies are jointly releasing a Real-Time API Quickstart Kit that includes a tutorial, demo application with Source Code, and web site.  Examples included in the Quickstart Kit show developers how to store data both in Google Sheets and in APISpark’s built-in Entity Stores, and how to implement’s real-time data push. To illustrate these real-time use cases, a client application is included, built with the D3.js JavaScript visualization Library. The Real-Time API Quickstart Kit was developed by Guillaume Laforge, Restlet’s Product Ninja and Advocate, and Cedric Tran-Xuan, Software Developer at

“Our vision at is that the timeliness of data will become increasingly important for application and web site builders,” said Eric Horesnyi, CEO of  “We’re excited to be working with Restlet’s API experts on adding real-time streaming capability to APISpark so that more people around the world can enjoy faster and green-er access to real-time animated data and have a smoother experience.”

“APISpark is widely popular among API developers looking for a self-service API building and management system,” said Jerome Louvel, CEO of Restlet.  “Through this partnership with, we expect to increase the scope of the use cases we can address around real-time data in limited bandwidth or low latency environments.”  

The and Restlet partnership will benefit web site and mobile application developers, IT managers, and managers in operations by dramatically reducing the latency of data and bandwidth required by client applications.

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