Restlet Unfurls APISpark Cloud Service to Manage API Life Cycle

As part of an effort to help organizations streamline both the development and management of APIs, Restlet this week launched an APISpark cloud service based on the open source Restlet Framework.

Restlet founder and chief geek Jerome Louvel says the APISpark cloud service addresses all the life cycle management issues associated with designing, building and maintaining REST APIs.

Louvel says the ultimate goal is to make it much simpler for developers to create and manage APIs, which should in turn create a fairly rapid application ecosystem around an APISpark cloud that is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. In so doing, Louvel says that Restlet is trying to lower the developer barrier to building, deploying and then managing APIs.

To that end, the APISpark cloud provides support for automatic Documentation of existing APIs hosted outside of APISpark, which can then be dynamically synced with the API Source Code. It also provides automatic client SDK generation, user management with roles and access rights, an API firewall and API usage analytics.

Louvel says one of the major benefits of APISpark is that it allows developers to more easily mix and match APIs running on the cloud service. As such, it also becomes simpler for developers to build complex workflows across multiple applications, says Louvel.

The degree to which developers will start to converge on a single API cloud remains to be seen. But the fact that APISpark runs on the world’s largest cloud doesn’t hurt the cause. In fact, AWS claims that the AWS Marketplace consists of 1,900 software products spanning 23 categories sold across 190 countries, with customers consuming 70 million hours of AWS Marketplace software each month.

As those customers look to integrate many of those applications, many of the latency issues they would normally have to address will be mitigated by the fact that a large number of those applications are already sharing the same cloud infrastructure. Of course, AWS also benefits from the fact that more developers are likely to deploy their applications on AWS if they know there is an API life cycle management service available in the same cloud environment.

To help foster the development of that ecosystem, APISpark is available for free to design, deploy and manage an unlimited number of APIs. Pricing scales with the number of simultaneously connected clients to the APIs. Paid plans start at $19 per month with no long-term commitment.

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