RetailNext Announces Enterprise APIs for Brick and Mortar Store Analytics

RetailNext, in-store analytics market leader, announced a set of enterprise APIs that retailers, shopping centers, business partners, and others can integrate with existing hardware systems to utilize RetailNext's analytics capabilities. RetailNext delivers analytics usually limited to ecommerce outfits to brick and mortar stores for better insights. The API is hardware agnostic; so, users can leverage existing infrastructure.

RetailNext has risen to the top of Big Data analytics in the brick and mortar space. Its realtime capabilities allow physical stores to collect, analyze, and visualize in-store data. RetailNext hopes that its API strategy will allow stores to better engage with the most important group of people to a store's success: customers.

The first two enterprise APIs available include the Metrics API and the Personalization API. Both APIs are RESTful. The Metrics API grants access to store metrics such as store and product performance, shopper behavior, and staff performance. The Personalization API presents opt-in omnichannel shopping events in real time. For more information or examples, visit the API site.

RetailNext has a history of Integration with some of the largest players in the hardware and software industries (e.g. Motorola, Cisco, Silverpop, Clutch, and more). RetailNext's long list of partners consistently expect great strides to be made with the new APIs. Regarding the integration possibilities, Clutch CEO, Ned Moore, summarized:

"The combined solution gives retailers access to unified real-time and historic data from across their entire brand ecosystem; in-store, on-line, mobile, and social channels, creating relevant and contextually sensitive engagements while consumers are actively browsing in-store. This real-time, hyper-relevant, personalized communication takes loyalty and engagement programs to the next level, blurring the line between in-store, on-line and social experiences."

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