Enhances Speech Recognition API with Real-Time Captioning and Transcription, a provider of speech recognition services and an accompanying API, has announced the release of a new real-time audio transcription product. This new functionality augments the existing APITrack this API and allows users to generate transcripts or captions in real-time.

The company views the addition of real-time transcription as an opportunity to greatly expand the value that the Rev. AI API offers to developers. The announcement highlighted several use cases, including media companies adding captions to video content and customer service teams using AI to monitor for keywords. General Manager Jay Lee stated:

“We developed real-time audio transcription to meet market demand beyond the Asynchronous market, and provide customers -- from podcasters to call centers -- with deeper speech to text capabilities.”

Prices start at $0.035 per audio minute, with the first 5 hours included for free. Developers getting started with the API can take advantage of various SDKs and extensive documentation

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