RevenueCat SDKs Manage in-app Subscriptions Across Platforms

RevenueCat, a mobile subscription toolkit, opened its doors for business this week. RevenueCat offers SDKs for iOS, Android, ReactNative, and Unity, which allows developers to manage subscriptions across platforms. Additionally, The RevenueCat API provides access to purchases through the RevenueCat mobile Framework.

The idea for RevenueCat was born out of the founders' frustration building on top of Google's and Apple's in-app subscription APIs. Now, a little over half a year after the beta introduction of RevenueCat, RevenueCat 1.0 is live. RevenueCat's various services allow developers to manage multiple product offerings, track subscriptions and manage subscription issues without having to rely on the app store provider to reconcile issues.

Once you have registered your app with RevenueCat, RevenueCat's backend takes care of multi- Platform subscription management. RevenueCat uses "Entitlements" to organize in-app products. Developers can be as nuanced as desired with multiple products, without having to change app code. "Purchases" is the framework used to manage payments across platforms. Simply select the desired platforms.

RevenueCat has published a number of guides to help users get started (i.e. QuickstartMigrate existing subscriptionsUnderstanding entitlementsApp user IDsTesting purchasesWebhooks, and Attribution). Visit the Docs for more information. 1.0 is live today, but the team expects much more to come soon.

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