Reverb Releases Swagger 2.0 Next-Generation API Interface

Reverb, a leading content discovery platform provider, has announced the release of Swagger 2.0, an interface that solves the problem of machine-to-machine communication, especially when it comes to cloud computing. Swagger 2.0 is an interface that can be used to connect APIs and cloud services, is open source and is supported by developers of nearly all modern programming languages. Swagger is one of several popular platforms, including RAML, API Blueprint and I/O Docs Community Edition, for machine-to-machine communication and building API documentation.


Back in May, ProgrammableWeb reported that Reverb had announced the formation of the Swagger 2.0 Work Group, in partnership with Apigee. The working group has seen contributions from almost 500 companies, including Apigee, 3scale, PayPal and SnapLogic. According to a recent 3scale blog post, Swagger 2.0 provides the specification that "makes it possible to coordinate server and client-side code through a sound API definition — something absolutely critical for API success — so version 2.0 is a great step forward."

Swagger was released in late 2010, and over the last few years has become one of the most popular and widely used API interfaces and interactive API documentation platforms. ProgrammableWeb reached out to Apigee and SnapLogic for comments about the new version of Swagger. Ed Anuff, VP of product strategy at Apigee, told ProgrammableWeb:

We believe that Swagger is one of the most important innovations for the adoption of REST APIs. It's now possible for APIs to be designed collaboratively and shared on GitHub. It's great to see the community come together to develop a standard like this, and we're proud to have been able to help lead that effort. For us, the fact that APIs are now sharable with documentation, metadata and configuration information means that we can create smarter API tools that can work with whatever language, OS or cloud that developers want use.

Craig Stewart, senior director of product management at SnapLogic, told ProgrammableWeb:

Swagger 2.0 opens up tremendous opportunities for our customers to rapidly connect data, applications and APIs. By simplifying access to RESTful APIs, Swagger 2.0 sets a new standard for connecting the modern enterprise.

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