Revitalize Your Social Content Moderation With socialmod's API

Socialmod is a system to either automate or simplify your site's social content moderation. Its socialmod API allows for direct integration of socialmod into your site, making using their service far easier. Its service has been used for such high-profile sites as the awards, as described in its blog.

It says on its website that multiple libraries already exist, to allow easy integration:

Socialmod's REST API allows to programatically submit video/text and images for moderation, check on their status, and receive callbacks when that changes.

There's no reason to reinvent the wheel though - there are a number of existing open source libraries that integrate with socialmod listed on the right.
We still recommend reading through this document though, especially the integration section.

As it states, it is a RESTful service, using either XML or JSON for both sending and retrieving data. When using the service, which starts at $24 per month, a user can choose to either use the socialmod API to help them moderate their own posts, or allow socialmod to moderate posts for them (which, understandably, costs more). It hires users of Amazon's Mechanical Turk to moderate specific posts, allowing moderation of text, video, audio, or images.

Socialmod has been previously covered on ezinearticles, which says, among other things:

Social media is about listening and engaging, and negative feedback should not be censored because you will not want to hear negative things about yourself or your firm. Customers do not respond well to censorship, and you could be creating an even bigger problem for yourself and your firm. Thus social media publication should be moderated.

Socialmod provide you a platform such that you can socially moderate your website. This application can be installed into your website or the website of your firm for which you are working for whichever may be applicable. Socialmod offers superior privacy and safety control such that your website does not contain any personally identifiable contents.


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