Revolut Launches Open Banking API

Revolut, a Fintech startup, recently released the Revolut Open API. The API was designed for Revolut's business customers. Business customers can integrate their Revolut for Business account with third party systems and services. Revolut for Business is an all-in-one business banking system that allows international transactions, exchanges, payments, deposits, and more without astronomical fees. Adding the Open API to the Platform allows business customers to make the Revolut platform more integral to overall business operations.

Open banking APIs seem to be growing in number as new banking regulations begin taking effect. To help potential customers understand Revolut's differentiation, Revolut has published case studies for its Open API. The studies include mass payments and payroll, insurance, and a delivery company application.

Revolut has published API docs that easily walk those interested through the various endpoints available through the Open API. The docs are broken down by Endpoint categories which include accounts, counterparties, payments, web-hooks, and errors. Within each category, developers gain very granular capacity regarding account information (id, name, balance, currency, etc.), payments (transfer, payment creation, schedule, etc.), and much more.

For access to the Open API, a business account is needed. Revolut offers 14 day free trials of Revolut for Business. Developers will get two API keys: one for Sandbox environments, and one for production environments. Stay tuned to the Revolut blog for API updates coming soon.  

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