Reward Users With Real-Life Gifts Via Amazon’s Moments API

Amazon has announced the launch of Amazon Moments, a cross- Platform marketing service that allows developers to encourage user engagement by offering real-life rewards for completion of specific actions. The new service is available in 100 countries and provides a simple solution for companies hoping to run a rewards program without having to handle fulfillment.

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Using Amazon Moments companies can create custom campaigns designed to encourage high-value actions, purchasing a subscription to a news site for example, and then reward users with either virtual or physical gifts, sold and shipped by Amazon. The company provided several sample scenarios for how Moments could be utilized, including:

“Surprise your customers with a reward when they complete a high value action in your app. The moment can be an action in a game like reaching level 5, or making a purchase in the app, or even signing up for a newsletter. You can control the cost-per-moment for each type of moment.”

The company is promising a light-weight Integration via the Moments API, which is compatible with Android apps, iOS apps, FireOS, and on the Web. 

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