RF Digital Delivers IoT Bluetooth Smart Applications for Microsoft Windows

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RF Digital, maker of the RFduino, the massively successful miniature wireless Arduino compatible module, is at it again: this time, the company brings Bluetooth wireless simplicity to Windows, the world’s most-used Platform.

“Most developers and product manufacturers look at Bluetooth Smart applications as only living in the mobile world, while excluding the Windows platform due to it being difficult to implement," said Armen Kazanchian, CEO, RF Digital. "There are tons of business uses for this robust technology. Windows PCs dominate the business world and there are hardly any Bluetooth Smart applications available for that platform. The RFduino now fills this void by making it easy for developers at all levels to create and deploy compelling wireless applications for Windows, ranging from personal to enterprise use."

The RF Digital team has used the RFduino to enable development and expansion of applications on the Windows platform, starting with Windows 8.1. According to Netmarketshare, Windows owns over 90% of the desktop operating system market. Added Kazanchian: “We’re excited about supporting such a massive marketplace. While there have been other solutions out there, those have focused on the connection and neglected the application – we’re helping solve for both, so that developers can focus on what they are trying to help the world to do.”

Examples of PC-based applications include:

Writing a Windows application which interfaces with the RFduino has never been easier. An API introduced with Windows 8.1 opens the door for creating Windows Store applications which interface with the RFduino. With the Windows 8.1 API, rich applications supporting Bluetooth Smart can be create with an RFduino.

The RFduino, a favorite of developers since its release in October 2013, has been adopted in a wide range of industrial and consumer products. Developers choose RFduino for its reliability and ease-of-use. Today’s news expands the options for developers and makes it easier for them to build innovative products for the Internet of Things.

With this news, RF Digital is introducing a tutorial and Documentation which will introduce the API, cover its opportunities, and provide example code which utilizes both the RFduino and Windows API to create a Bluetooth Smart compass. Beyond building a compass app, the RFduino serves as a foundation upon which developers can build other applications of their choice. The RFduino for Windows code example can be downloaded on the RF Digital website at: http://www.rfdigital.com/news/microsoft-windows-rfduino

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