Rhapsody Web Services Contest

Win a road trip to anywhere in the world to see your favorite band by creating the winning mashup in the just announced Rhapsody Web Services Contest. RealNetworks Rhapsody is one of the key players in online music subscription market with over 2 million tracks in their library and flat pricing model at $9.95 a month.

The Rhapsody web services API has just been upgraded with new features and allows developers to integrate free playback of full-length tracks and Internet radio stations directly into their applications. This is a much more open approach than we've seen so far with iTunes.

Judging criteria is fairly open so there's lots of room for creativity. Judges include myself, Brady Forrest from O’Reilly Radar, Bill McAleer from Voyager Capital, and Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures. Contest ends October 16th. Winners to be announced at the Web 2.0 Conference in November.

For more details on the Rhapsody service, the contest and this market space, see these two good write-ups from Richard MacManus: at ZDNet and his own Read/Write Web.

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[...] As noted earlier this month a number of this fall’s mashup contests have reached their deadlines for entry submission. For two of them, the Rhapsody Web Services Contest and ProgrammableWeb sponsor ClearForest’s Semantic Web Services (SWS) Mashup competition 2006, the mashup entries have now been reviewed and the winners announced. Here’s Rhapsody’s announcement and here’s ClearForest’s press release. Both contests did an excellent job of getting developers to try the APIs, generated a variety of innovative ideas, and lead to some very interesting mashups. [...]

[...] Rhapsody Web Services Contest: Use the Rhapsody API in order to win a road trip anywhere in the world to see your favorite band (I am one of the judges on this contest). Some first-round winners have been announced like this one now listed here: Pitchforkmedia Rhapsody Mashup. Other details on their site or this post here. [...]