Rhapsody Web Services

As noted in yesterday's Seattle Times,

RealNetworks is moving today to increase the visibility of its Rhapsody music service, hoping to gain more paying subscribers with a greater presence on blogs and other Web sites. The company is rolling out a Web-services platform that will allow third-party Web sites to link directly to albums and songs on Rhapsody. A blogger writing about a new song, for example, could post a link to a track that, when clicked on, will begin playing in a pop-up window.

The initial API, at www.rhapsody.com/webservices is a very clearly labeled "0.1 Beta". As their site notes "Rhapsody Web Services let you easily extend the Rhapsody experience right to your own website using web browser technology, combined with dynamically updated RSS feeds available directly from the Rhapsody music catalog. We are starting off with basic tools like a Rhaplink generator and RSS feeds but there will soon be plenty of new APIs and data feeds for developers to enhance their sites with Rhapsody content." They're looking for developer feedback now. I've added an initial rough entry in the API database.


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