Riak CS 1.4 Released Includes OpenStack Integration and Major Feature Additions

Basho, a leader in distributed systems software, has announced the version 1.4 release of Riak CS and Riak CS Enterprise cloud storage software. The new version of Riak CS includes the Integration with OpenStack and improvements to the Riak CS Users API.

Riak CS is open source cloud storage software that can be used as storage to power applications and services as well as to build public or private clouds. Riak CS Enterprise is an extended version of Riak CS with features such as multi-datacenter replication, monitoring, and 24×7 support.

Riak CS

Image Credit: Basho

The newest release of Riak CS, version 1.4, includes several key additions:

  • OpenStack Integration - The OpenStack Object Storage API and Keystone Authentication service is now supported.
  • Users API Improvements - Operators now have greater flexibility in managing user information.
  • Performance Improvements - Includes utilization of secondary index pagination and new option for object block retrieval.

The Riak CS Enterprise version 1.4 release includes the addition of multiple TCP connections between clusters and multi-datacenter replication.

Riak CS provides a suite of APIs which includes (but not limited to):

  • Riak CS storage API - S3-compatible, supports multipart uploads and can be used to perform operations for objects and buckets.
  • The Users API - Interface for user creation, deletion, and credentials.
  • OpenStack Storage API - For integration of Riak CS with OpenStack. Allows Riak CS to be used as object storage in an OpenStack deployment.

Basho Technologies President and CEO Greg Collins states for the press release that:

"Riak CS is seeing impressive market adoption, especially from service providers looking to increase their portfolio offering with large object storage. This release continues our commitment of providing simple and accessible cloud storage for a broad range of cloud computing platforms and use cases. With the addition of OpenStack integration and significant performance improvements, Riak CS 1.4 also appeals strongly to enterprises building their own object storage or adopting a hybrid-cloud deployment methodology."

For more information about Riak CS and Basho distributed systems software, visit the Basho company website.

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