Ricky Gervais Launches First-Ever Voice Conversation App for Social Media

Producer and Comedian Ricky Gervais (in partnership with CloudTalk), has just launched the first-ever voice conversation application for social media. Just Sayin’ is a free cloud based iPhone application that makes it possible for users to cross-post conversations to their Twitter and Facebook profiles. Users can share any combination of voice, text, photos, and video.

Just Sayin' App Screenshots

Image Credit: Just Sayin’ iTunes Page

The Just Sayin’ application is of particular value to celebrities, entertainers, politicians and other public figures as it can be used to provide personal and authentic content that better engages their fans.

With the Just Sayin' App, users can discover and follow existing members of the growing Just Sayin' community. Users can also talk with and follow favorite celebrities, musicians, politicians and athletes that participate in the Just Sayin' network.

A few of the celebrities currently participating in the Just Sayin' community include musical entertainers Cavo, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and Crossfade. Soccer star Brandi Chastain and 2008 Presidential candidate Mick Huckabee are also using the Just Sayin' app.

“Just Sayin’ is to radio as Twitter is to newsprint,” says Co-Founder and Creative Director Ricky Gervais. "You can talk one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many and invite additional just sayin’ friends to the conversation."

The Just Sayin’ application is currently only available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Desktop users can access the application online at the Just Sayin’ Website. Android users can look forward to the Just Sayin’ application being available at the end of the year in the Google Play marketplace.

To see the complete list of Just Sayin’ features visit the iTunes Just Sayin' App Page.

About the CloudTalk Platform

Just Sayin’ was built using the CloudTalk Platform, a social communications platform that offers an entire suite of APIs that allow developers to build CloudTalk conversations into their own Android, iOS and web applications. The suite includes APIs for Social Networking, Messaging, Conversations, Communities and Groups. View the complete list of APIs on the CloudTalk Platform web page.

CloudTalk Platform

Image Credit: CloudTalk

Per the CloudTalk website "Developers can use CloudTalk to create applications from language learning, to private social networks, to dating. Give your customers the choice to use their voice."

Developers interested in using the CloudTalk platform in their applications can request information via the CloudTalk Developers web page.

Links to Information About Just Sayin'/ CloudTalk Platform:

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