RigoBlock Announces API Access to Decentralized Asset Management Protocol

RigoBlock, Blockchain-based asset management solution provider, has announced an API that allows developers to build on top of its Decentralized asset management blockchain protocol. The protocol allows anyone to set up and run a decentralized pool of tokens. RigoBlock built its own Platform on top of the protocol, and is now offering that option to outside developers.

"Having developers create their own platforms on top of our protocol has been a major goal of ours since the RigoBlock project began," RigoBlock founder, Gabriele Rigo, commented in a press release. "We feel that having an open source, free and completely decentralized network is more of an incentive to create their own asset management platforms based on their exact specifications. I am excited to see how and what developers are able to build in the near future."

With API access to the RigoBlock protocol, developers can create their own asset management platforms. The need to create unique smart contract systems and platforms goes away. Ethfinex is one early adopter/tester of the API and RigoBlock expects to announce other early adopters soon.

The API is not yet publicly available. However, for those interested, RigoBlock has published some FAQs to assist. For more detailed information, check out the white paper describing the theory and foundation of the RigoBlock protocol. The RigoBlock team will post updates and API announcements on Telegram.

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