RingCentral Bolsters Developer Video Meeting, Call, and Transcription Resources

RingCentral has added a new API that is designed to allow developers to better manage real-time voice and video analysis and transcription. The new Call Supervision, Monitoring, and Streaming API leverages Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence for enhanced audio analysis.

The API is intended to support industries that regularly participate in remote customer support. By adding improved real-time support for audio transcription and analysis, RingCentral is hoping to improve experiences for both its partners and end-users. The announcement of the new API highlighted some of the APIs capabilities:

“Through the Integration, users can listen in on a call, with access to separate channels including the active speaker and listener for each party on the call, thereby assisting customer-facing agents in resolving issues quickly and monitoring performance, which ultimately enhances the overall customer experience.”

Developers interested in working with the RingCentral APITrack this API can check out the developer documentation

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