RingCentral Launches WebRTC Support

Cloud communications provider RingCentral has announced an invite-only beta that gives customers access to WebRTC functionality through its RingCentral WebPhone Library, a JavaScript WebRTC SDK. The SDK manages WebRTC signaling and registration, and provides functions that developers can use to more easily handle WebRTC events.

According to a company press release, "With RingCentral’s WebRTC announcement, developers will be able to implement telephony interfaces in their web applications with a simple JavaScript Library built upon RingCentral’s proven enterprise-class infrastructure. Our infrastructure additionally, enables businesses using our WebRTC implementation to enable recording of your business telephony calls." David Lee, RingCentral's VP of Platform Products, told TechCrunch that RingCentral made the decision to support WebRTC because browser support has grown significantly and it is clear that "WebRTC is a high-quality standard that's here to stay."

Initially, the company is supporting WebRTC-based voice communications only and plans to add support for video and data once its SDK has been successfully adopted by a critcial mass of customers.

RingCentral recently sponsored the Launch Hackathon in San Francisco, which saw more than two dozen teams register to incorporate WebRTC into their projects. The company says the event helped it learn about developers' needs and plans to implement additional improvements to help them integrate WebRTC into their applications.

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