RingPlus Launches API to Revolutionize Mobile Communications

RingPlus, mobile virtual network operator, has announced one of the industry's first public cellular APIs: the RingPlus API. The API offers a carrier-grade wireless Platform to the public. With the API, businesses and developers can completely control mobile phone service, and gain access to world-class mobile networks.

RingPlus CTO, Evan McGee, commented:

"Almost two years ago we set out to create something truly revolutionary....Upgrades move slowly in traditional telecom, access is extremely limited, and the underlying systems are complex. We designed our entire infrastructure and the API from the ground up to be friendly, easy-to-use, fast-moving and powerful for our community."

RingPlus has dedicated itself to rethinking and transforming the telecommunications industry. The RingPlus API has been two years in development, and RingPlus believes its API approach might just be the transformative platform it has sought since Karl Seelig took leadership in 2006. Through the API, users have access to capabilities and data that has previously been safely guarded by carriers.

The RingPlus API uses REST protocol. The tools available with API are some of the most powerful the industry has ever seen. Users can access virtually any aspect of an account  (e.g. call detail records, inbound/outbound usage data, SMS details, and more). Additionally, users can change devices, change phone numbers, check voice mail, and perform other functions that carriers previously controlled.

RingPlus sought out to revolutionize a tightly controlled industry. Perhaps it has done it with the RingPlus API. Developers should take a look at the API Docs today and see where imaginations take them with the new set of tools available.

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