Riot Games Provides Game Data Via New Valorant API

Riot Games just announced an API for its Valorant game. Through the Valorant API, developers will be able to call access to match history and content data. At launch, Riot Games is restricting access to the API to approved use cases. The company wants to strictly control access at this time.

"You can find the spec on the Developer Portal, but you’ll notice that you won’t be able to get responses from your non-production keys," Gene Chorba, Riot Games' Senior Developer Relations, commented in a company announcement. "This is on purpose. Personal keys and developer keys do not have access to the VALORANT API. We are going to be exposing match history data for all VALORANT players, but it comes with some restrictions to the products we’re allowing at this time."

For full access to the API, those interested should follow a three-step process. One, read the guidelines at the company announcement. Two, review the API docs. Finally, send a pitch to the Riot Games team and they will respond accordingly.

The API provides access to general categories of data: match history and game content. Match history allows developers to pull and entire list of matches played by a certain ID and match specifics per match ID. Game content includes data such as version, characters, maps, chromas, skins, skinLevels, equips, gameModes, sprays, spraylevels, charms, charmLevels, playerCards, and playerTitles. For more information, visit the API docs and the company announcement.

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