Rivet Auto API Brings Targeted News Radio into Cars

Rivet News Radio has unveiled an API for delivering targeted news radio into connected cars. Using the Rivet Auto API, which is REST-based, car manufacturers and app platforms can deliver local, national, and world news to drivers based on their interests, location, and listening history. Rivet News Radio’s content can be added to existing infotainment solutions and can be used to deliver on-demand weather updates.

“The Rivet Auto API empowers us to expand further into the auto industry and to partner with any OEM or system manufacturer,” John MacLeod, Rivet News Radio’s Chief Executive Officer, stated in a press release. At the CES Conference in Las Vegas this week, Rivet will be demonstrating its integrations with OpenCar, an app platform for connected cars, and Visteon, a major auto supplier. 

OpenCar and Visteon have integrated with Rivet in an embedded fashion. The company also offers Android and iOS apps that consumers can use to access its content. Bosch Automotive Technology has integrated with Rivet’s smartphone solution to deliver content to owners of Jaguar/Land Rover vehicles.

“Rivet’s dual approach with both Embedded and Smartphone Solutions provides multiple ways for connected-car drivers to access our best-in-class smart content,” MacLeod explained.  

APIs crucial to content companies trying to get into cars

2014 was a banner year for the connected car. Automakers like Toyota began forming platform strategies. Major tech companies like Google started to make moves to extend their platforms to the automobile. And companies like SAP, Shell, and Volkswagen are working on the applications that will ultimately cause consumers to clamor for connected cars.

With major companies supporting connected car initiatives, there’s little reason to doubt that the connected car will become a mainstream reality in the coming years. And APIs will be a big part of making that happen. In fact, for content companies like Rivet News Radio, getting into the connected car will realistically require APIs that automakers and their suppliers and partners can easily integrate into the platforms and solutions they’re building.

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